Pampered Pets Live Healthy Life

Svetlana gives the full treatment to Woody the poodle

Svetlana gives the full treatment to Woody the poodle

An ex-VET is training owners in how to groom their pets back to health after opening the borough’s first cat and dog beauty salon.

Svetlana Broussova, who emigrated from her native Russia nine years ago, set up Pet Universe, Atherton Road, Clayhall, with the backing of Camilla Al-Fayed – the daughter of super-rich Mohammed – after working in the Harrods department store pet section.

“A lot of people don’t realise the benefits of grooming,” she said.
“I want to make this business as educational as possible and provide help and information to people because grooming can really help treat and avoid skin diseases.

“Dirt and germs caught up in animal hair can be really bad if inhaled by the owners, so it’s important they learn how to keep their animals clean and healthy.

“Grooming animals can be very good for their mental state. ”Since Pet Universe grand opened last month – which was attended by Russian newspaper Angliya – clients have been walking their dogs and cats through the doors for baths, nail clipping and eye cleanings.

What’s more, owners of rabbits and guinea pigs have also been here to give their pets a treat.

“I’ve been really impressed by how well people in Britain look after their pets!”
“I have been a vet for 19 years and I have seen many animals neglected.”
“But I’ve been very pleased by how much love, care and respect the British people show their animals”.
“Now I’m hoping we can continue that not only by teaching pet owners about grooming but also by highlighting the importance of structuring and maintaining a healthy diet.” – Mrs Broussova said.

Ilford Recorder, Thursday 15 May 2008Pampered Pets Live Healthy Life

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