Dog Grooming Services

We offer full dog grooming. All your needs and for all breeds!

Prices include the following:

  • Brush out the Dog’s coat;
  • 2 Warm baths with the top quality shampoo;
  • Hand blow dry with brushing and conditioning the Dog’s coat;
  • Flea bath and medicated shampoo;
  • Ears and Eyes Cleaning;
  • Nail Clipping, including small breeds;
  • Trimming to customer request or Breed Standard Styles;
  • Perfume for girls/Cologne for boys; 🙂

Additional services:

  • Tooth brushing: £90;
  • Spa aromatherapy massages: £50;
  • Coat colouring from £100;
  • Nails polishing: £50;
Picture of a dog
For walk in customers – Paws clipping only!

  • Small Dogs – £15;
  • Medium Dogs – £15;
  • Large Dogs – £20;

Also, we are providing Dog’s Nails Colouring service.
To make sure you’ve got the latest prices, ask the receptionist next time you visit our salon.

We reserve the right to apply the charges outlined in our
Cancellation and Late Appointment Policy
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