First in the UK Russian Pet Beauty Salon

Picture of Svetlana with her daugther Vera

Svetlana with her daugther Vera

On Saturday, 26th of April 2008 in East London the real event happened! From cutting the ribbon, with Tchaikovsky music playing in the background, started the official opening of “the First in the UK” a Russian cat and dog grooming salon “Pet Universe” was created.

Pop music from Russian and world hits, Champagne and tasty canapés, this is how Svetlana Broussova and her team greeted their guests.

Svetlana has worked with animals for many years.  She qualified as a Veterinary surgeon in Russia, where she had her own clinic and built up a faithful customer base.  On arrival in London she became a successful Pet Groomer which encouraged her to set up her own business.  From the success and quality of service, within 2 and 1/2 years her customer’s data base has reached more than 500.  Then it became a necessity to set up a real Pet Beauty Salon with top stylists.

“Thankfully to my advertisement in the Angliya newspaper for a dog groomer, I found Natalija” – Svetlana said, thanks Maximilian for his sister.

Around 50 guests who included friends and the most loved regular customers were invited for the opening ceremony.  The salon was full of flowers, congratulation cards and gifts. The party atmosphere was filled with best wishes, and warm words from her guests.

James Hogan, vice-president of the charity organisation The Mayhew Animal Home & Humane Education Centre: “It all started in 2002, when we were so lucky, to find an English speaking Russian vet to interpret to our delegation from Russia, who had come to England to improve their knowledge and experience regarding animal welfare. This was the beginning of many years of friendship between us and Svetlana.

Svetlana shows with great enthusiasm her skills and experience at our regular meetings in the Education Centre.  We wish her and her business every success it deserves due to her passion and love to animals”.

Donna, customer: “To find a good groomer is like “an impossible mission”.  It is like trying to find a hairdresser for myself, its unlikely you would go to an unknown specialist without references.  You, as a pet owner should always be satisfied with the results and the respect to your pets.  Truly speaking, I am very fussy, but Svetlana does such a good job, that I cannot imagine anybody else grooming my pet”.

Valerie, customer: “I have two dogs, which Svetlana always accepts in as guests, with great pleasure.  I think they love her more than me.  As soon as we approach her doors, they run like mad and don’t want to go home.  She is very kind, caring; loving towards animals – Svetlana – is a person, who can only be admired”.

Andy, friend of heart: “Svetlana – is unique person. I am very happy that I met her. We met recently and I cannot stop admiring her unlimited energy! She is always a very happy person, I am really lucky to have her in my life”.

Her customers trust her with their beloved pets including famous people such as Camilla Al-Fayed – daughter of “Harrods” owner and Kevin Crump – international fashion designer.

Svetlana Broussova: “I wholeheartedly thank my daughter and best friend Vera, the creator of our website. She helped to make one more of our dreams and big projects come true. I always have her support and cherish her presence in my life.  With her I share this joy and this soul triumph. I am very happy to see people at my party who share the same desire for the pets’ welfare.  Thanks to you all who had believed in and supported me!”

Next step, for this talented business woman, will be a book called “Cat Grooming” for people, who want to learn this not so easy “profession”.

Written & translated by Natalia Veselovskaia Angliya – Russian Newspaper, Thursday 1 May 2008First in the UK Russian Pet Beauty Salon - Newspaper

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