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Svetlana with Sandra Hilton at Pet Universe - International Cat Grooming School


An exclusively feline specialist mobile grooming service based in Heapey, Chorley, Lancashire – covering the North West region.

Honest, trustworthy and reliable, their techniques are recognised as the best available.

Web: 2012

It has long been my ambition to offer a cat grooming service in my native North West of England. However, most of the pet grooming training available in the UK focuses on dogs, so it was difficult to find suitable tuition.

Fortunately, after some internet searching and online discussion, I found Svetlana and her dedicated team at Pet Universe. I signed up for a month’s training which was a big commitment for me – but I can honestly say it was worth every minute of my time and effort.

Sandra Hilton at Pet Universe - International Cat Grooming SchoolFrom the moment I met Svetlana, I realised I had made the right choice. She was very friendly, approachable, courteous and patently enthusiastic about her work. The energy she exudes is infectious and helped motivate me even more. I did not expect an easy time, and I didn’t get one.

The whole point of Svetlana’s method is that you get hands-on training and quickly learn to adapt and think on your feet. I was expected to give my all and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The practical experience was invaluable and I also had plenty of opportunities to discuss with Svetlana all aspects of the business. Consequently, I left with not only a thorough practical training, but also essential business insights.

After my spell at Pet Universe, I was exhausted but I was far more confident about my cat grooming skills and I am very excited about the future. Svetlana is a unique mentor and I cannot recommend her and Pet Universe highly enough.

Thank you Svetlana and Pet Universe!